• Individual Sessions
    For maximum benefit, I guide you through targeted movements that will release contracted muscles, decrease stress, eliminate or reduce pain, and promote better movement and posture.
  • Classes
    Classes are offered periodically at Shala Yoga Center.

    Classes can be designed for various groups including seniors, corporate wellness programs, new mothers, athletic clubs, and the general public. If you would like to be aware of upcoming classes or have a space that could accommodate classes, please let me know. All the movements I teach can be done independently and incorporated into your own fitness program.Like us on FACEBOOK for the latest info.
  • Ergonomic Education What better investment than one in ourselves? A little awareness of our ergonomics during our daily routine can reverse or avert painful conditions.
  • Want to learn more? Keep reading through the site or call me to discuss any questions you might have.
  • Welcome to San Diego (SD) Movement Therapy

    Movement Arts With Scientific Roots.


    Welcome to SD Movement Therapy. Teaching movement arts with scientific roots. The techniques I use have dramatically improved the quality of my life, and now I enjoy sharing with others. It works!

  • No matter your goals,

    Whether you simply want to put on socks and tie your shoes without pain or take your game to the next level, SD Movement Therapy has something for you. [Read more]

  • The first step is awareness.

    We constantly respond to the day's demands. Repetitive motions train or condition our muscles to contract...When do we train our muscles to relax? [Read more] Soaring to new


There are many lessons I've learned through studying movement. Awareness is something we can bring to our state of being, and it is also a worthwhile goal to consider as we move through an ever-changing world. With each session or class, I invite you to simply learn something about yourself! As cars today have sophisticated computerized diagnostic capabilities, the human body has millions of sensors to provide a constant stream of information about how we are functioning--we only need to be aware and attentive. No one else has the unique ability and perspective to be aware of ourselves 24/7, so I believe we are also uniquely empowered to care for ourselves better than anyone else.

Muscles have no will of their own, it's up to the brain and nervous system to tell them when to contract, and more importantly, when to relax.

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What to Expect

A first session lasts about an hour and a half, and typically includes a background discussion to become aware of relevant details of what hurts or is not moving comfortably and personal success factors such as activities that a client would like to be able to participate in. All sessions will include an assessment, guided movements to release pain or tune sensory-motor function, and instructions for individual movements that can be done on your own at home, work, or even in the car.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely to all sessions.

If you would like to learn more, please schedule an appointment. Go to the Contact page.

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Get Results

  • Less Pain
    Often after just one session. Sometimes we don't realize how limited range or repetitive movements cause other downstream effects. Why not learn how to move better and eliminate or reduce pain?
  • More Quality Movement
    Replace sticky movements that involve inefficient muscle combinations with smooth, well lubricated, confident movements that use the most efficient muscles possible.
  • Participation in Life!
    It's amazing how "getting old" seems to force us to give up many life-enriching activities or hobbies. Well now we can slow this trend and reverse it in many cases. Be free to do the things you love. The things that make you--YOU!