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San Diego Movement Therapy


Classes are offered periodically at the Shala Yoga Center:
9950 Campo Road Suite #204
Spring Valley CA 91945

Class Description
During class, you will be guided through slow and gentle movements that will relax the body and mind, decrease stress, eliminate or reduce pain, and promote better movement and posture. All levels are welcome and you move within your comfort zone, though it’s helpful if you can get down and up from the floor (call if you would like to discuss your situation). Bring a towel, blanket or mat; some people bring a pillow for under their neck if they need more head and neck support. Wear comfortable clothing and layers so you are warm.

Come to class, you’ll feel better!

SDMT- Stevie Wonder from Sean McClendon on Vimeo.

Hanna Somatic Educator and founder of SD Movement Therapy, Ben Kotnik shares a series of movements he calls the "Stevie Wonder" moves. Intended to release tension in the neck, the "Stevie Wonder" moves are an advanced example of integrated Somatic movements.

Hanna Somatics is a system of neuromuscular education developed to work with the mind and body. Similar to yoga, we make movements with awareness to release involuntarily contracted muscles, and reset the natural resting length and tonicity of the body. It relies on a few key neurophysiological principles that can be applied to all aspects of our lives to minimize pain and maximize performance. The results can be incredibly profound!