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Do you have muscles that are always tight, no matter what you try to do? I can teach you how to take control of those muscles so that they can relax and function smoothly.

Pain relief is in reach and self-care is the best care there is.

I've worked with professional athletes, senior citizens, weekend warriors, corporate "desk-jockeys," new mothers, farmers, and blue-collar workers. Everyone can benefit from Somatics! My background includes first-hand knowledge of specialized movements required in many different activities.

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Active Senior - "After two knee replacements and years of back pain, I wanted to stay active, reduce pain, and speed recovery after golf, tennis and walking. Since beginning my program with Ben in 2009, my back pain has been greatly reduced. He's helped my shoulder too!"

Pro DH Rider - "After a horrendous crash, I shattered my pelvis, and broke my collarbone. After months of therapy with my medical team I was able to get on the bike again. But, I noticed my movements were not easy and I sensed that some nerve damage was to blame. I've been working with Ben to re-train my nervous system and break through layers of scar tissue. I felt less pain and had a dramatic increase in my range of motion after just one session. It's a long road, but I know Ben is playing an integral role to my future health and happiness."

Semi-Pro Road Cyclist and Triathlete - "I kept reaching plateaus in my training and I noticed my body was starting to hurt in new areas. My work with Ben has helped me increase my explosiveness on the bike and my posture when sitting and standing, especially during the long hours I put in at work and in the saddle. But, perhaps the greatest benefit I've experienced is that I can recover from strenuous rides faster and be ready to compete at a high level again in a short period of time which is critical to my success in stage races, climbing and sprinting. Thank you! "

Weekend Warrior - "I put in long hours working behind a desk on a computer. With the birth of my son, my aches and pains seemed to magnify as I have less time to be active and am lifting my growing boy...SD Movement Therapy has helped me be more aware of my ergonomics at work and I am enjoying movements that are free from pain."

Super Mom - "As a new mom I have to work hard constantly lifting my daughter up, holding her and feeding her. These repetitive motions took their toll on my shoulders, arms, and wrists. I am currently working with Ben and have noticed a reduction in the intense pain I used to feel. I am hopeful to keep moving in this direction and am now able to run and swim as I did before having my baby."

Marilyn Warnock, Founding / Charter Member of the Association of Hanna Somatic Educators - Hanna Somatics enables one to Recognize, Release and Reverse chronic pain patterns associated with stress, trauma and/or habituated postures. It’s as magical as using Ctrl+Alt+Del on the computer and Ben is a great resource to help you 're-boot' yourself and eliminate what Dr. Hanna termed Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA). Ben quickly understood the principles of the work as a client, and now as a Somatics Educator in the tradition of Dr. Hanna he is able to help others work towards better movement themselves. It simply works.”