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San Diego Movement Therapy

The first step is awareness.

We constantly respond to the day's demands: picking up a child, getting in and out of the car, sitting in front of a computer, training for the next race or event, or working in the yard. All of these repetitive motions train or condition our muscles to contract...Which leads to a fundamental question: When do we train our muscles to relax?

It's important to learn movements that differentiate movement patterns, enabling the most efficient muscles to be used. Through injury or repetitive use, we can lose voluntary control of some muscles and have to recruit others to do their job. Part of our work is to retrain the neural pathways between muscles and brain to reconnect with these forgotten muscles. Think of differentiated movements as the components that comprise a complex movement. This is generally how we learn to swing a golf club or baseball bat, and how most dance classes are taught. If you are familiar with physics, differentiated movements are analogous to the component vectors of the resultant.

In contrast to differentiated movements, integrated movements bring these components together for complex motion. Imagine lifting a small child off the floor. The knees bend, the torso flexes forward, the arms extend, the hands and fingers prepare to grasp the child, the head looks down and back up...and that's just the first half of this motion. By integrating these types of movements, the body and brain can re-learn, and experience, what it's like to move freely with ease and grace, without pain.

No one else lives in your body 24/7 and has the ability to listen to its needs. I can help introduce you to movements that enable you to break the vicious cycle of pain, limited range of motion, poor posture, and constantly contracted muscles. Over time, the muscles respond to this cycle by either working too hard to “splint” the affected areas, or by not working effectively due to a loss of motor function, aka "Sensory-Motor Amnesia." The mind loses control of voluntary muscle movements. Fortunately, there are ways to get this functionality back through targeted voluntary movements that effectively re-train the brain and muscles to communicate and enable more efficient natural movements.

Permaculture for our bodies, minds, and movements. Pain treatment and management for San Diego and southern California. Teaching self-awareness and self-regulation to reverse back pain, frozen shoulder, and other pain or stiffness.

No matter your goals,

Whether you simply want to put on socks and tie your shoes without pain or take your game to the next level, SD Movement Therapy has something for you: Reversing chronic pain, improving posture, wellness programs for workplace health and ergonomics, increasing explosive power, increasing the quality and speed of recovery after an injury or workout, and promoting mind-body (Somatic) awareness.

Perhaps the most amazing aspect of my approach is that I am here to train you to become more aware of your body's needs and help you build a toolkit to respond to these needs. Empowerment is a byproduct of awareness paired with education. There are limits to every science, and no single discipline can "cure" everyone and every ailment. But, as Dr. Hanna said, no one else lives in your body, so if given the right information who could possibly be more capable than you to heal and maintain your body?

Please schedule an appointment if you would like to learn more. Thank you for your time and interest.